“Bibles” in Applied Math

Awhile ago, I and other VNQF members posted some of the most famous books in Quantitative Finance and related fields (including Partial Differential Equations, Numerical Methods, Optimization, Parallel Computing). Recently, I’ve posted a few classic books in Applied Math, based on the request of a member in the VEF’s VietnamBookDrive project. Even more recently, anh Ngo Quang Hung (and “đồng bọn”) have created a list of great textbooks in Computer Science.Here, I merely recompose the list of some bible books in Applied Math that I already did, but maybe more in depth and not limited to the scope of VEF. By Applied Math, I mean a wide spectrum from extremely mathematical topics (they’re essentially subsets of “Pure Math”) such as Partial Differential Equations to Computations (Numerical Analysis, Multiscale Modeling,…) to Probabilistic/Statistical Sciences to Computer Science and to a wide range of Applications (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Engineering, Finance, Economics, Business, Medicines, etc.). Due to the breath and depth of this giant discipline, the list is by no mean complete and will be updated here continuously (possibly until I die).
Update: I’ll update this list on my blog so please check out that page instead.