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Turbulence transition in pipe flow: some open questions
Bruno Eckhardt
Nonlinearity 21 No 1 (January 2008) T1-T11

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Relative volume of Kolmogorov–Arnold–Moser tori and uniform distribution, stickiness and nonstickiness in Hamiltonian systems
Leonid A Bunimovich
Nonlinearity 21 No 2 (February 2008) T13-T17

AbstractReferencesCiting articles Full text:  Acrobat PDF (83.3 KB)
Three quantum obsessions
M V Berry
Nonlinearity 21 No 2 (February 2008) T19-T26

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Convergence, nonconvergence and adiabatic transitions in fully coupled averaging
Yuri Kifer
Nonlinearity 21 No 3 (March 2008) T27-T32

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Orbits with historic behaviour, or non-existence of averages
Floris Takens
Nonlinearity 21 No 3 (March 2008) T33-T36

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Open questions leading to a global perspective in dynamics
J Palis
Nonlinearity 21 No 4 (April 2008) T37-T43

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Spatially localized structures in dissipative systems: open problems
E Knobloch
Nonlinearity 21 No 4 (April 2008) T45-T60

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Wave-breaking and generic singularities of nonlinear hyperbolic equations
Yves Pomeau, Martine Le Berre, Philippe Guyenne and Stephan Grilli
Nonlinearity 21 No 5 (May 2008) T61-T79

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Linear response despite critical points
Viviane Baladi
Nonlinearity 21 No 6 (June 2008) T81-T90

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Modelling DNA at the mesoscale: a challenge for nonlinear science?
Michel Peyrard, Santiago Cuesta-López and Guillaume James
Nonlinearity 21 No 6 (June 2008) T91-T100

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Some open problems in real and complex dynamical systems
Yu Ilyashenko
Nonlinearity 21 No 7 (July 2008) T101-T107

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Orbits’ statistics in chaotic dynamical systems
V Arnold
Nonlinearity 21 No 7 (July 2008) T109-T112

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Some open questions in ‘wave chaos’
Stéphane Nonnenmacher
Nonlinearity 21 No 8 (August 2008) T113-T121

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The three-dimensional Euler equations: singular or non-singular?
J D Gibbon, M Bustamante and R M Kerr
Nonlinearity 21 No 8 (August 2008) T123-T129

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Some nonlinear challenges in biology
Francesco Mosconi, Thomas Julou, Nicolas Desprat, Deepak Kumar Sinha, Jean-François Allemand, Vincent Croquette and David Bensimon
Nonlinearity 21 No 8 (August 2008) T131-T147

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Several problems on dynamical systems and mechanics
V V Kozlov
Nonlinearity 21 No 9 (September 2008) T149-T155

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Some problems in differential geometry and topology
S K Donaldson
Nonlinearity 21 No 9 (September 2008) T157-T164

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Molecular simulation and related topics: some open mathematical problems
Eric Cancès, C Le Bris and P-L Lions
Nonlinearity 21 No 9 (September 2008) T165-T176

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KAM tori: persistence and smoothness
Mikhail B Sevryuk
Nonlinearity 21 No 10 (October 2008) T177-T185

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Some challenges in the theory of (semi)-dispersing billiards
Domokos Szász
Nonlinearity 21 No 10 (October 2008) T187-T193

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Initial-boundary-value problems for linear and integrable nonlinear dispersive partial differential equations
J L Bona and A S Fokas
Nonlinearity 21 No 10 (October 2008) T195-T203

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Geometric function theory: a modern view of a classical subject
Darren Crowdy
Nonlinearity 21 No 10 (October 2008) T205-T219

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Solitons as elementary particles: a paradigm scrutinized
Nicholas S Manton
Nonlinearity 21 No 11 (November 2008) T221-T232

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Some simple questions related to the Cr stability conjecture
Enrique R Pujals
Nonlinearity 21 No 11 (November 2008) T233-T237

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Partial differential equation problems from simple to complex fluids
Peter Constantin
Nonlinearity 21 No 11 (November 2008) T239-T244

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Chaotic phenomena in three settings: large, noisy and out of equilibrium
Lai-Sang Young
Nonlinearity 21 No 11 (November 2008) T245-T252

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Two limit theorems
Ya G Sinai
Nonlinearity 21 No 12 (December 2008) T253-T254

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A miscellany of basic issues on incompressible fluid equations
Koji Ohkitani
Nonlinearity 21 No 12 (December 2008) T255-T271

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Nonlinearity in complexity science
R S MacKay
Nonlinearity 21 No 12 (December 2008) T273-T281

AbstractReferences Full text:  Acrobat PDF (106 KB)
Partial differential equations and non-diffusive structures
A Stevens and J J L Velázquez
Nonlinearity 21 No 12 (December 2008) T283-T289

AbstractReferences Full text:  Acrobat PDF (100 KB)

Some problems

Thông tin do anh L. L. Triều gửi.

There is a list of (open) problems in Function Theory which were proposed in the Problem Section in the recent workshop in Operator Theory and Function Theory at the Fields Institute last week. Those problems were suggested by mathematicians researching on Function Theory and I am not so sure if they are really important or interesting. Those interested in can access the list at http://www.fields.utoronto.ca/audio/07-08/advances/lacey/ .

“Bibles” in Applied Math

Awhile ago, I and other VNQF members posted some of the most famous books in Quantitative Finance and related fields (including Partial Differential Equations, Numerical Methods, Optimization, Parallel Computing). Recently, I’ve posted a few classic books in Applied Math, based on the request of a member in the VEF’s VietnamBookDrive project. Even more recently, anh Ngo Quang Hung (and “đồng bọn”) have created a list of great textbooks in Computer Science.Here, I merely recompose the list of some bible books in Applied Math that I already did, but maybe more in depth and not limited to the scope of VEF. By Applied Math, I mean a wide spectrum from extremely mathematical topics (they’re essentially subsets of “Pure Math”) such as Partial Differential Equations to Computations (Numerical Analysis, Multiscale Modeling,…) to Probabilistic/Statistical Sciences to Computer Science and to a wide range of Applications (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Engineering, Finance, Economics, Business, Medicines, etc.). Due to the breath and depth of this giant discipline, the list is by no mean complete and will be updated here continuously (possibly until I die).
Update: I’ll update this list on my blog so please check out that page instead.

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Tuấn Anh.”

Một số bài giảng từ NCGOA 2007

Đây là một số bài giảng từ NCGOA 2007 do một bạn mới gửi cho Tuấn.





Mọi người có thể vào http://www.math.vanderbilt.edu/ncgoa07/ để down load thêm một số lecture notes khác.

Connes-Marcolli Lectures: “Noncommutative geometry: from Quantum Physics to Motives”